Our Honor

Andy from beautiful Switzerland runs Switzerland’s largest advertising gift planning company.
With her cooperation is Swiss famous luxury goods company, she will video brochures are widely applied to Luxury brands promotion video invitation, counter advertisement machine, video advertising creative packing box, etc.
For customers to bring a new creative visual feast.

Gold R from Japan, runs a gift packaging company is very famous in Tokyo.
Professional design high-end gift packaging planning, such as red wine and
jewelry box, linked to our company. When he saw the sample for our evaluation is that can send the sample to do a one-time Enough, I think, in addition to the professional communication, as well as our sample master professional, gold R now Is our company’s VIP clients!

Nina, from the United States, operates a professional gift planning of company, high-end car industry.
When Nina want to do a ferrari’s VIP customers gifts, select video card boxes, this seemingly simple gift boxes, has almost demanded details.
Her requirements are high-end, from print color, screen resolution,
Folding is the highest standard and requirement, and we did it.
Now she is also our constant VIP client.

Cindy is from the UK, a professional person makes the planning of promotional gifts for many kinds of companies.
She said it’s rare to see so big factory in the industry like ours, and there is a nice and high-end exhibition hall. She exaggeratedly said she could see all kinds of video brochures, musical greeting cards, and many creativity electronic products in our showing room. We think it’s our best motivation to get this praise.

John specialized in display and acrylic advisement player of many hypermarkets advisement player who comes from America.
We know him in the exhibition for the first time. He saw a 10.1″ LCD video display with the motion sensor and liked it very much. When John bought it back, he introduced our LCD screen. His company and seminars got good feedback. Therefore, our sale volume is booming in display product.

Lidiya from the United States, runs a company do staff business
holiday gifts.
She is to give customers the best examples make employees birthday video greeting card, each the company’s employees will receive a ticket to the superior leadership of care, a signature of the video card Video and blessing of a drum, the blessings of this exclusive, who can resist him enterprise belonging and motivation.

Service first is our important principle. We can complete the printing and packaging design of the brand /logo according to the specific requirements of customers. We will try our best to deliver the goods ahead of schedule. The customer can visit our factory at any time, which is also the customer’s trust in us.

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